• How long are the courses?

    The Courses are a minimum of 12 hours each. Some courses may extend to 20 hours.

  • Is there a minimum time for completion?

    No. There is no minimum time for completion. However, if you want to absorb the information completely, you should do it at a normal pace and time and dedicate a few hours each day to the course

  • Is there a maximum time for completion

    Yes. This may vary from course to course but is normally around 45-60 days. This means that you have to complete the course in this period of time

  • What happens if I don't complete the course in time?

    The time given for completion is generous. If you cannot complete the course in time, you have to re-do the course again from the beginning. However the course charges will be enabled again

  • Where is the proof that you are allowed to certify these courses?

    Normally, certifications are done only after an Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is signed with the institution. In most cases, the collaboration is indicated on the Institution's website which shows the authenticity of the certification.

  • What type of certificate do I get?

    By default, anyone who passes the course will get a digital certificate of completion jointly certified by Contramind and a College or Certifying Authority. If you need a hard copy of the certificate, this can be done on request and will incur additional charges for printing and delivery

  • Can I fail the course?

    These are learning courses. You can learn as much as you want. However, to get a certificate, you must ensure that you do not fail in any of the quizzes or other lessons if there are questions involved. You are allowed to re-do quizzes so failure should not be an issue

  • Can I get a refund on the course?

    No. Refunds are not given as you are allowed to do a free trial on parts of the course before paying for it and judging for yourself the value of the course

  • Can I get a Dual Certification on different courses?

    It varies from course to course. Some courses allow dual certifications and some do not. Please check with the Syllabus at the beginning of the course as it will be indicated there. Syllabus of all courses are always under Free Preview